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I know this flash for ages now. And i have never sayd it, but i have to now.
This is one of the best AMV's i have ever seen. I love the animation, the music, the crazy stuff.

Dude, well done.

I watched this 5 times allready in the last month. Whenever i watch it touchs my heart. Especially Icky, can feel with him. The characters are lovely made, the story is touching and the voices fits so perfectly. The charm of this world is also amazing, a nice and beautiful world but also with dark sides. <3

All in all it was fantastic to watch.
The jokes where pretty funny and the animations fitted in in very well.
The sound and the music was perfectly added to the situations.
Only thing i wish is would be more frame by frame animations, that would make it even better.
But still, the joke was all i need to give it a 5 of 5.
Keep going that kind of stuff!

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tylerghardin responds:

thank you! i don't like zany, crazy animation, but you're right that even still the animation could be better.

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I really like this. Except the bells int he background they are so belly!!!!!!!! No just kidding, everything perfectly fits together. Keep doing it how you do it, and not how other people say so.

Bosa responds:

I agree. I wasn't being serious with my responses to the earlier reviews.

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AMAZING!!!! The design of the car is very awesome. Wish you could get into details with that.

Looks great. The soldier would perfectly fits into Dust514, maybe something like a CONCORD Soldier. Would lovee to see exactly this in the Game. But wouldnt u tell us for which game this is going to be? :D

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This is just grate. I love the lights in this picture very much. And it could fit perfetcly into a Adventure i have figuring out in a Role playing game that i playing with some friends.
So keep working.

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